Drink Days


A semi-comprehensive list of alcohol-themed commemorative days.

The Drinking Calendar

Jan 25
Feb 23

Open That Bottle Night

In the late 1990s, Gaiter and Brecher invented the annual “Open That Bottle Night” (OTBN), encouraging their readers to open a symbolically significant bottle, and then share their stories.

Feb 24

World Bartender Day

Support your local bartender.

Feb 27

National Kahlúa Day

National Kahlúa Day is celebrated annually on February 27th

Mar 3

Irish Whiskey Day

Irish Whiskey is the favorite of this site’s proprietor.

Mar 5

National Absinthe Day

My friend Lisa says “You will forget who you are”.

Mar 17

St. Patrick's Day

You probably already know about this one.

Mar 27

International Whisk(e)y Day

By far, the finest day of the year.

Apr 9

National Gin & Tonic Day (US)

Thanks to Stevie Watson of Pickering’s Gin for clarifying that the April G&T day seems to be a US Celebration rather than International.

Folks outside the US are still allowed to celebrate.

May 13

World Cocktail Day

The Oxford Dictionary first defined the word “cocktail” on May 13th, 1806.

Jun 19

National Martini Day

Martini Day sparked the idea for this site.

Jul 11

World Rum Day

The inaugural World Rum Day takes place on 11th July 2019 as the first global celebration of rum. Join rum bars across the world for celebrations, events, promotions and plenty of rum!

Jul 12

Michelada Day

Wikipedia: “Mexican cerveza preparada made with beer, lime juice, and assorted sauces, spices, and peppers.”

Aug 1
Aug 8

International Scottish Gin Day

An international celebration of all things Scottish Gin.

Sep 18
Oct 1

National Applejack Month

October is also National Liver Awareness Month.

Nov 21

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